Acrylic and oil on XPS Styrofoam
2019, 60 x 60 x 6cm

Responding to Chris Marker’s film “Sans Soleil”, which posits through his audiovisual motif that the remembrance of old memories can trigger a scar. These scars of memory are of the things that quicken the heart, and perhaps the only ‘existing’ memories we have left of the past. It can be suggested that the identity of scars is representative of our suppressed inner disposition. This is translated to the fragility of the XPA object as a metaphor of our child-like imaginations and fears. The holding material for the red painted over with a contrast of sinister and joyful imagery illustrates the mysterious instincts are born out of our childhood; conjoined with our physical environment and social expectations, it, indeed, influences our personal expression of art, faintly or not.